There are moments in my life I do not feel like doing anything,
but just to be still,
not even writing something like this (but it comes).

You see someone
and feel how wonderful that person is, going about his business.
May his pains and wishes not blur out the joy that is his life,
May he see the beauty of inner peace.
This is how artists are born.

You hear someone
and feel how beautiful his sound or voice is.
Just to be able to hear clearly, how we take it for granted,
and to be able to make happy sense of whatever sounds we hear.
All sounds are impermanent yet beautiful.
This is how musicians are born.

You smell a sweet smell,
and feel like a fragrant flower bursting from the earth,
bringing together water, fire and wind,
making the world beautiful and healthy.
No need to think or talk, just flower.
This is how poets are born.

You taste the first mouthful of plain rice or bread:
how sweet it tastes before the other flavours crowd your tongue.
It’s like meeting someone you truly love for the first time.
This is how you fall in love.

You feel the touch of one you love.
You have no love till you give it away.
Every breath counts, so breathe with love
to yourself, others and all around,
just as the warm sun-light shines on all alike.
This is how we meditate.

Passing thoughts cross your mind.
Smile gratefully at your past: let it come, let it go;
They are like roots that give the tree
so that it flowers and fruits, and gives cool shade.
Let the future grow like a seed cast far from the tree’s shadows,
so that it will grow into its own.
This is how you become truly happy.

You are just right how you are:
notice the joy as joy,
the pain as pain, the desire as desire, the hate as hate,
the delusion as delusion, the fear as fear, the emptiness as emptiness.
They are lost wanderers: smile at them, let them move on.
Then you will know whence and how they came.
The past is gone, you will tire to dig it up,
The future has not yet come, you will be restless to run after it:
Only the present is here, welcome it.
Live the moment, and you live well:
You are meant to be happy.

သစ္နက္ဟန္ရဲ႕စာေလးပါ ၾကိဳက္လုိ. တင္ထားတာ


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