Learning on the Training Course at International Network of Engaged Buddhism

I had achieved opportunity to come Thailand as one of the interns of INEB training .Due to INEB arrangement I safely arrived on 23rd July 2011.

INEB accommodation gave us convenient, warm and happy staying in Thailand. INEB pre-course namely (Socially Engaged Buddhism) SEB was held for 7 days 24th to 30th July 2011 at the office.

In this course, we got friendly and warmly togetherness of international dhamma brothers and sisters.

At the night of cultural show, we (two Myanmar interns) had the chance to introduce with Myanmar traditional food such as tea leaf salad and Pyay Rice Salad.

In the opening ceremony of INEB training, we learned each other about various worship

styles; Thai, Indonesian, Malay, India and Cambodia. It was very good

traditional and knowledgeable for us.We all participated SEB training with enthusiasm. And then we practice

meditation about 1 hour in every morning.

On the first day of training, we enjoyed the special talk of Ajahn Sulak Sivaraksa and  had more clear understanding of SEB. I am also proud of being a participant of his follower because he is the person I admire most in my life.It was the really great opportunity to meet him.He widely discussed about today Buddhists and Buddhism. We got idea and consideration to engage Buddhism with social issue.


On the second day of training, our group visited to Dhamananda Bhikkuni  at Thongdhamkalayanee Temple . Bhikkuni issue is very fantastic thing and attractive for me because Myanmar Buddhist community did not allow to be Bhikkuni for women due to the Buddha’s Doctrine. Thailand government also not allowed  but Thai community is taking care Bhikkuni society.

On third day, we went to Pathom Asoke, one of common community in Thailand. It is very

nice and worthy to study their living style.

Their community looked like communist villa but Pathom Asok person said that it seemed new capitalism. The dwellers from Pathom Asok are working, living  and spending together their communal properties.It made me excited to emulate it. Therefore I had written an article about

Pathom Asoke in Myanmar language as an unforgettable experience.

After that, we went to Wongsanit Ashram to learn more aboutmeditation, Buddhism Social structure Analysis and Deep Ecology.

On the fourth day, we met with P’ Prasha who is my ideal writer. I admire and respect him so much due to his book which were translated in Myanmar version( E.g. Asia Future)

He taught us how to practice meditation in very alternative way. We enjoyed and clearly understood because of his kind guidance.

On the fifth day, P’ Prasha continued his teaching of Buddhism Social Structure Analysis to us. I am

very interested in this topic. I know more and more how to apply the Buddhism in my


I am very willing to write long article about socially engaged Buddhism

in Myanmar namely `Living Buddhism in Society´ (လူေလာကထဲ ရွင္သန္ေနေသာ

ဗုဒၶ၀ါဒ).  I shall try my best to create as a useful document for our society.

We learned about deep ecology and dancing with mindfulness on the sixth day of training.

Dancing with mindfulness is very nice method to be healthy and became aware.

Deep ecology was similar to the lessons of (Teacher) Saya Peter (Lisu) but a little bit different .

Finally we returned back to Bangkok from Wongsanit Ashram  .


On the last day of training, sustainable economy and Buddhists Economics were studied well.These topics were very interested and useful for me. P’ Mo talk about Schumacher’s Economics Ideology was also great lecture. He is very impressive and my ideal economist.

In closing ceremony was held as cultural night. We had chance to perform Shan (One Ethnic group of Myanmar) traditional dance and also enjoy together with other Asiatic dancing.

Last night made us continuous dancing and dancing, happy and happy.

After seven days training, I realized what the meaning of SEB in deep and also achieved lots of knowledge, experience and thoughtful idea. I am very sure to share invaluable experience to my community by writing articles.

Regarding with this precious moment in my life time, I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to INEB staffs, my senior brothers and sisters.

I determined my mind to become a best performer of Buddhism in social issue.


With Metta

Ogga (Myanmar)

Buddhist Youth Empowerment Program

International Network of Engaged Buddhist (Burma)


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