Zero Waste from Buddha Era

Rubbish is the one of the problem for natural environment. Among the many kinds of rubbish, plastic bags and electronic waste are worse than others on the narrow world.

After that, many ecologists are finding the ways how to solve the rubbish problem.They proposed 3R Initiatives, Reduce, and Reuse, Recycle and carried out widely.And then, they added another 2Rs, Reject and Rethink for more active consideration.All of these techniques are started to popular all over the world since Kyoto protocol with Dr.WangariMathai.

But such kinds of practice were introduced in Buddhist Sangha community last 2600 years ago.

At the Buddha age, Queen Samavadhihad donated the 500 yellow robes to AshinArnanda.

For this matter, her husband,Uzzani King asked that how shall they used 500 robes.

AshinArnanda answered well and stably, our monks are lack of robes .That was why we asked for donation to provide them.

Even getting this answer from AshinArnanda, he is not enough to believe and ask again and again to AshinArnanada.

Uzaani: How did you utilize the old robes?

Arnanda: We used as bed sheets.

Uzaani: If the bed sheets changed to be old. How do you use ?

Arnanda: We made again pillow cases from old bed sheets.

Uzzani: If pillow case became old, what shall you do?

Arnanda: We made carpet with old pillow cases.


Uzzani: If carpets are changed to be old, what shall you use?

Arnanda: We used as brushes the old carpets.

Uzzani: If brushes became old and dirty, what shall you use?

Arnanda: Well, we made small pieces and mix with clay to mend the wall of our monasteries.

At that time, all of the questions are terminated. Uzzani realized that their donation will be beneficial and effective.I firmly believed that our Buddhist community practiced the 3Rs initiatives due to the Buddha teachings.



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